The Casone

Battlefield of the famous Battle of Tolentino, fought during the first days of May 1815. The opposing sides were the Neapolitan army, led by His Royal Highness King Joachim Murat, and the Austrian troops led by baron Federico Bianchi.

This battle took place between Pollenza – then named Monte Milione – the Casone and the Castello della Rancia – it ended with the victory of the Austrian troops and with severe casualties on both sides and hundreds and hundreds of fallen men. Both troops lost and reconquered the Casone many times.

The Battle of Tolentino represented the climax where, at the collapse of Napoleonic era, the Italian Law embodied by Joachim Murat clashed with the European reaction of the Austrian governor, a prominent enemy of Italy. The immediate consequences were the transfer of the reign from one prince to another and the repression of the national feeling intended to produce the great Italian Risorgimento.


Il Casone