The Family

The familial origins lie in the Marches, coming from the Veneto region, and date back as far as the thirteenth century. The paternal grandfather, Tebaldo, was a landowner and veterinarian. The maternal grandfather, Girolamo Piccinini, an important silk businessman, was awarded the prestigious “Cavaliere del Lavoro” title in 1904 and was one of the first recipients of this honour. Piccinini subsequently wed the marchioness Eleonora Benigni Olivieri di Capo d’Acqua (1865-1966), who was a relation of both HH pope Pio IV MASTAI Ferretti (1792-1878) and of HH pope Pio VIII Castiglioni (1796-1830).
Tebaldo’s descendants have been established in Rome for more than half a century and currently reside in the villa “Grotta Pallotta”, located in Pinciano quarter. Nowadays, the family is conferred with the title of count and adheres to the motto “PER ANGUSTA AD AUGUSTA”.
Living descendants include Aldo Maria (1932), who married Mila Peretti in 1957, the daughter of Ferdinando, who also received the honour of “Cavaliere del Lavoro”. Mila Peretti served as the National Inspector of the Voluntary Nurses of Italian Red Cross and gave birth to four children: Chiara (1958), married to baron Giangiacomo Serena di Lapigio, Ferdinando Maria (1960), who wed Her Highness Princess Mafalda Von Hessen, Benedetta (1962),  married to marquis Leopoldo Balestra di Mottola and Ugo Maria (1965), married to countess Isabella Borromeo Arese Taverna. Since 1933, the family’s business pursuits have revolved around the oil and energy field. However, in the final years of the past century, they sought to reconnect with their ancient roots and have shifted their focus back to the familial tradition of agriculture and wine production.