Pius IX Mastai

In this small production, Pollenza shows all the attention to detail in a wine with extraordinary organoleptic qualities. Produced from Sauvignon blanc grapes from selected vineyard plots. The calcareous soil and microclimate influenced by the proximity of the Chienti river are unique conditions the production of this passito.
Manual harvesting, careful selection of the grapes, vinification with very low yields, separate fermentations in small steel and cement containers, followed by a long aging process on the fine lees produce a wine that is the result of a great deal of work.

CATEGORY: Exclusive
TYPE: Table wine

Data Sheet


GRAPES: Sauvignon blanc 100%

HARVEST PERIOD: Manual harvest with grapes selection from mid-October to the end of November

SOIL: Of alluvial origin rich in calcareous sediments, from medium to deep.

ALTITUDE: 130 meters above sea level


VINIFICATION: Late harvest with withering on the vine, hand-picked grapes. Fermentation at controlled temperature at 17° C in small steel and vitrified concrete tanks

MATURATION: 15 months in concrete tanks

AGING: 12 months in the bottle

Serving Temperature

12/14° C


The Pius IX is dressed in bright gold with olfactory notes of extreme complexity and intensity.
Yellow rose, chamomile, and mimosa envelop hints of dried apricots, dates, honey, saffron and tea.
A sweet, elegant and intense but perfectly balanced and harmonious sip, supported by a perfect acidity that enhances the drink.


Excellent with traditional dry pastries or savory aged and blue cheeses.